Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ford F150 Raptor in Australia. Order Now

Well its taken some time  but the news is good for the lucky few that may be able to buy a RHD  Ford Raptor SVT  now in Australia.
Ford Raptor F150 off road

Like any imported vehicle the changes required to comply with Australian specifications are huge. The cost factor firstly to Ship, import and convert usually is beyond the means of the average vehicle user.
The Ford F150 svt  raptor is a sports truck with a terrific off road capability.

Australian drivers now can have the opportunity to buy the Raptor in Australia by the leading importer and converter 

Direct: 0418 240 837 (CONN SALOUMIDIS)
Phone: (61) 02 99798400
Fax: (61) 02 99798964
91 Lane Cove Road  Ingleside 2101 Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ford F250 Australia New vehicles

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